Joe Judge: There’s a lot of ball left to be played, we’re not going to quit

The Giants got their first win of the season in Week Four, but any hope that it was a sign of good things to come was quickly snuffed out.

Dallas pasted them in Week Five and the Rams did the same on Sunday, which leaves the Giants looking a lot like the teams that went 18-46 over the previous four seasons. That wasn’t the way they drew things up during an aggressive offseason and head coach Joe Judge was asked after Sunday’s loss if he’s concerned about players starting to check out as the losses continue to pile up.

“There’s a lot of ball left to be played,” Judge said. “There’s a lot of ball left to be played. We’re in Week Six, so to turn around and start tapping out now — I don’t know what kind of mentality other people have, I don’t quit things, these players don’t quit things. We’re not going to do that, so anyone who’s got that mentality of woe is me, what did you think was going to happen? Did you just think you were going out there, roll the ball out and walk over every opponent? It’s the National Football League, teams are good.”

Judge said that the Giants “don’t have a room full of guys waiting for next year,” but a few more losses will force others in the organization to start thinking about whether they’re going to change approaches in order to avoid another season that slips into irrelevancy long before Thanksgiving.