More proof that Week One means nothing

Every year, after the first week of the regular season, I have a clear message for the fans of the 16 teams that lost in Week One.

Forget about it.

It’s easier said than done at the time. Here’s something that could make it a little easier, if anyone remembers this when Week One rolls around in 2022.

The Cowboys, Bills, Packers, and Ravens each lost in Week One. Since then, none of them has lost.

It’s a 19-0 mark that, if the Bills beat the Titans tonight, becomes 20-0.

The situation shows how potent those four teams are, and how meaningless that first game can be. Indeed, the Dolphins won in Week One — and they haven’t won since.

So remember that next year after the first game of the season. Yes, it’s always better to win. No, it ultimately doesn’t mean much if a team wins or loses.