Wildlife officials free mule deer from backyard hammock in Idaho

Wildlife officials in Idaho came to the rescue of a mule deer buck that needed some help disentangling its antlers from a resident’s backyard hammock.

Idaho Fish and Game said a Pocatello resident contacted the department to report a mule deer had gotten its antlers entangled in the support ropes of the hammock and was struggling to free itself.

The department said in a news release the buck “discovered first-hand that hammocks aren’t always as relaxing as they are claimed to be.”

Two Fish and Game personnel held the buck still, while a third cut through the ropes to free the animal, the department said.

“The buck was released unscathed for the most part, though its antlers were bobbing loosely as a result of the animal’s struggle with the hammock,” the release said.

Officials said the incident highlights the importance of keeping hammocks and other potentially hazardous items put away when not in use to protect local wildlife.