Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code can now run in a web browser

If you’ve ever wanted to run Visual Studio code in a web browser, now you can. Microsoft has made a zero-installation version of the popular desktop app that can be used as a local development tool, but naturally there are some caveats. Microsoft has revealed that developers who use Visual Studio Code can now run […]


Harambe gorilla statue installed opposite Wall Street’s Charging Bull

The famous Charging Bull sculpture on New York’s Wall Street was joined Monday by a 7-foot statue of Harambe, the gorilla. The statue of Harambe, who became a viral meme in 2016, was installed Monday in Bowling Green Park by the founders of Sapien.Network. Sapien.Network, a planned social networking platform “dedicated to putting the needs […]


23 games have been decided in final minute or overtime

Plenty of games played on the sixth Sunday of the 2021 season weren’t competitive or close. However, in each of the four windows during which games were played on Monday, the NFL delivered a thrilling finish. From 9:30 a.m. ET (Dolphins-Jaguars) to 1:00 p.m. ET (Vikings-Panthers) to 4:25 p.m. ET (Cowboys-Patriots) to 8:20 p.m. ET […]


Breast milk companies are popping up around the globe: Why haven’t governments stepped in?

Over the last few decades, the demand for breast milk has grown. The message “breast is best” has driven parents and caregivers to buy breast milk. Even the unwell, bodybuilders and “clean eaters” are known to use it. Once limited to milk banks and peer-to-peer sharing, a new for-profit milk market has emerged. Companies producing […]


UBS chairman made clear Orcel would lose payout if he joined rival

Axel Weber, the chairman of UBS (UBSG.S), made it clear in September 2018 to his Santander (SAN.MC) counterpart, Ana Botin, that the bank would not stump up Andrea Orcel’s deferred pay if he quit to join the Spanish rival, Weber told a court on Wednesday, showing the pivotal role he played in a high-stakes dispute. […]


Android 12 is available now to Pixel owners

The latest version of Google’s Android mobile OS is available right now, launching hot on the heels of the company’s latest Pixel event. However, it isn’t available to everyone. For now, only Pixel owners can access Android 12; the rest of us will likely have to stick it out for another month or two. Pixel […]


Scottish police rescue seal with beverage can stuck over its jaw

A seal spotted swimming for more than a week with a Red Bull energy drink can stuck to its mouth was rescued by police in Scotland. The seal was first spotted Oct. 6 swimming off the coast of Belfast, Northern Ireland, with the can wedged on its lower jaw, and a rescue operation was launched […]